Real Green bean casserole

Growing up, green bean casserole was a staple at the Thanksgiving table.  Now I make a healthier and fresher version instead of the frozen, canned version of my youth.  Fresh green beans, fresh mushrooms, real cream, and crispy shallots instead of the packaged frizzled onions. And most importantly it’s delicious!

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Juicy T-Day Turkey

This recipe makes a beautiful and juicy turkey! The secrets are in the brine and cheesecloth baste.  Generally you should select a turkey that gives you at least 2 pounds per person. I prefer to have ample left overs, so I like to oversize my turkey. A 12 pound turkey would work for 6 people, with less leftovers.  Cooking time is approximately 10-15 per pound, longer if you decide to stuff your bird.
 Wine and Lemon Turkey

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Stuffed Apple Cider Roast Turkey

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Every year we celebrate Thanksgiving on multiple days with different family members. This means that I usually make two turkeys each year. This is my favorite way to prepare the turkey and it gets rave reviews. Just note that like any good bird, it takes a few days of prep. But trust me, it’s worth it! It makes a juicy, delicious and beautiful looking bird.



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Superstar Stuffing for this Thanksgiving

This bread stuffing, or dressing, recipe is amazing!  It has almost everything you could want in a stuffing.  I always make it for thanksgiving, but I’ve also halved the recipe and used it year-round with chicken or pork loin.  You can use pretty much any bread you like. I’ve been buying multigrain baguettes to be a little healthier, just make sure the bread isn’t too crusty. Note that the bread needs to be cubed a couple of days before making the stuffing so that it will absorb the liquid and flavors best.  If you forget to cube the bread ahead of time, it’s OK to use fresh bread, lightly toasted after cubing or you can always buy the pre-made stuff. You can bake this stuffing in a dish, covered, for 30 minutes, then uncovered for 10-15. I like to add an extra cup of chicken broth to add more moisture if it’s not being cooked in the bird.  Or you can bake it right in the turkey, which adds more flavor and is what I love. You’ll still have to bake it uncovered for 10-15 minutes once it’s removed from the bird.

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Brussels Sprouts two ways

We had A LOT of brussels sprouts on hand. I have always loved brussels sprouts, but I know not everyone feels that way. Here are two recipes that even non-brussels sprout lovers will enjoy.

Brussel Sprouts

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Grilled Buffalo Wings? Oh, Yeah!

I love wings. Grilled wings are not only a healthier alternative to deep fried wings, but they bring an additional layer of flavor to an already delicious food. The trick is getting the skin crispy. Leaving the wings uncovered in the fridge overnight helps as does rendering the fat out of the skin while cooking over a lower flame. This is the perfect food for a tailgate or anytime. These were just a hit at my mother’s day barbecue! You could also adapt this recipe to use any sauce you like. Just be careful not to burn sauces with a high sugar content (.e.g BBQ). Save the basting of those until the last few flips. If you can buy “party wings”, then you can save a step of cutting the wings, but don’t be intimidated if you buy whole wings and have to cut them.


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Fig Cookies

I love figs! But there’s only so many fresh figs you can eat before they start to go bad. So when I have extra figs on hand (or make a point to purchase extra), I make fig cookies! I typically use about 2 pints of fresh figs for the entire recipe. Thinly slicing enough to top all the cookies and chopping the rest. So the fig measurements below are approximate.


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