LA Eats – Best of Breakfast

While in LA I had a few great breakfast/brunches.

My first breakfast was in Hollywood at 25 degrees. I ordered the Breakfast sandwich and substituted for their jalapeno bacon. Yes, I said jalapeno bacon! Bacon with a slight flavor of jalapeno, yum! I don’t know how they make it, but I loved it. And it went really well with the Egg and Cheese.


I don’t know if the Griddle Cafe has the best brunch in LA, but it was pretty awesome. Just a warning though, the portions are huge!

We ordered the Some Like it Hot Scramble

And the Poached y papas Benedict. Eggs Benedict with a giant slab of ham over potato skins instead of an english muffin.

In addition to our eggs dishes, we ordered a single red Velvet pancake to share. I found the icing to be a little too sweet, but overall a really nice treat.


For breakfast on the go, I was pleasantly surprised by the Avocado and Egg breakfast burrito wrap at Natures Way Cafe in Westwood(sorry no pics).

Of course my favorite breakfast/lunch spot was at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. They had a great selection of fruits and vegetables (and more), from exotic to the more mundane. If I lived in LA, I would be here every weekend!



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